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By Contributor and peach lover, Eloise Reimer

After waiting all summer for Red Haven peaches to appear on the scene, weather  obliged and I was ready to take charge…Berrien County, Baroda, Michigan was the scene and I was on the prowl in my little convertible, looking for a U-pick farm, for a half bushel, maybe even a bushel to freeze, eat, give away and did I say eat?
Straight to Bridgman, right on Shawnee, east 10 miles or so to where I had picked strawberries earlier in June.  Gorgeous sunny day, breezing  along, admiring the grape vines everywhere, 2 miles out of Bridgman, and then looked down at my gas gauge, OMG, empty.  And with no gas stations ahead for many more miles  there was nothing to do but turn around back to Bridgman.  But wait, look at that big sign, Peaches, on the right.  Come on, I said to myself, don’t go back empty handed, buy a few at least to eat on the way.
I turned right down the side road AND
there was Flavorland, beautiful ever so aptly named Flavorland, and before Josh could say “no, we don’t have U-pick, but we have half bushel Flats just picked of Red Havens and taste one”  and the rest is history.



15 quarts of juicy, sweet just ripe enough peaches are slowly turning frozen in my too small for more freezer.  And every winter day I indulge I will remember my first bite into the best peach ever created on a day when I almost ran out of gas but found the best peach farm in Michigan.


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Flavorland Farms
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