What are we about?  Our mission is to serve as an objective directory and information base… an all-in-one source for Chicagoans seeking information on any or all of the following topics : locally grown, organic, sustainably grown, grass-fed, free-range, urban agriculture, community supported agriculture, farmer’s markets, and local restaurants, bakeries and other dining establishments that support any or all of the above.  We have  information on ‘do-it-yourself’ subjects like beekeeping, chicken raising, urban gardening and seasonal cooking tips.  We want you to see all your options; so you can be a smarter consumer, eat better, and all with greater ease.

Why ‘Farm and Table’?  Yes, certainly we are focusing on the ‘farm to table’  movement, but also want to include additional information for consumers on how to prepare local seasonal foods once you get them to your kitchen, how to store them to make them last longer, and how to build your meal plans around local seasonal foods.

Who am I? I am a consumer….living in Chicago.  I am also the main purchaser and preparer of food  for my family – and we really enjoy cooking and eating good food.  Over the last several years, my interest in the quality of our food  has increased exponentially with my concern and growing alarm about how it’s grown.   As I’ve learned more, I’ve realized that the following issues (in no particular order) are not only important to me, but are also a priority for a growing number of other average consumers in our community.

  • Our growing education about how mainstream food supplies are farmed and transported, as well as the increase of available information to us ‘average citizens’ about produce and meats NOT organically grown or reared.  In other words, the overwhelming use of chemical herbicides and pesticides on food crops, GMO’s, hormones and antibiotics introduced to our livestock, the short and long-term health risks, as just as important the inhumane treatment of farm animals, and unsustainable use of farmlands.
  • The better quality and higher nutrient value of organically grown produce and grass-fed, free-range  poultry and meat.
  • A desire to support local farmers who are also interested in practicing sustainable humane farming, and decreasing use of pesticides and herbicides on their crops.  Lowering our food miles, i.e. the amount of energy we use transporting food from farm to final consumer.
  • Building momentum within our communities for interest in obtaining local seasonal produce, to thereby increase its availability.
  • The desire to have more control over the quality of food we consume.
  • The increasing interest to produce one’s own food, especially within the urban environment.
  • The increased availability of organic products.
  • The increased affordability of organic products, based on supply and demand.
  • Our responsibility to provide healthy products for our children; which contain a greater amount of nutrients, ( locally grown organic products have been shown to have higher nutritional values), and decrease the amounts of additives, preservatives and other harmful ingredients we offer for their consumption.

Thanks for checking out my site!

Alexa Dunn






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